This is my personal website and here you can find information about myself, about the research work I am doing or current projects I am involved in. Enjoy! 

Coming originally from Romania, I have been studying and working in 5 countries across Europe in the last 10 years. I am an Organizational Psychologist, combining research and consultancy in HR, while also teaching HRM at undergrad level. I am active in different international associations and worldwide projects related with promoting applied psychology.

My research mainly focuses on well-being beliefs and their implication on employees´ wellbeing and performance at workplace. I am also interested in positive interventions in organizations and humanitarian work psychology.  


I participate in several research projects, aiming at improving employees wellbeing. I am also involved in teaching and thesis supervision. Part of my activities are related with my active involvement in different projects of professional and social associations.  

Applied psychology in organizations


 Knowledge sharing and communication are my strongest values. I am driven by learning and development both at personal and professional level.

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